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Why does lunch box choose aluminum foil material for the first selection

Aluminum foil for catering containers with safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green, renewable energy, good sealing and other characteristics and advantages. As early as the APEC meeting in Shanghai, the heads of state activities are used in aluminum foil lunch boxes. During the Beijing Olympic Games, the competition venues for the athletes and service personnel to send meals are also aluminum foil lunch boxes. During the Shanghai World Expo, only in the Expo staff central kitchen, aluminum foil lunch box usage in the 6000 or so, up to nearly ten thousand copies.
Global aluminum foil manufacturers to organize the organization in August 2014 to August 2015 in China to organize "consumer and catering enterprises on the aluminum foil lunch boxes, container awareness survey", the survey results show that China's consumers use a one-time Packaging bags and containers to plastic materials accounted for 54.7%; followed by paper and biodegradable materials; aluminum foil lunch box the lowest utilization rate, only 13.8% said they would often use aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers. Another 20.6% said they often use the foam lunch box.

Aluminum foil in the production process, the use of high temperature annealing disinfection process, therefore, aluminum foil can be very safe with food contact, will not accommodate or help bacteria grow. Second, the aluminum foil lunch box has a good thermal stability, in the -20 ℃ -250 ℃ under high and low temperature; the molecular structure of stability does not change. Its use temperature can be from freezing to extreme baking and barbecuing, during which the foil is not deformed, does not rupture and does not melt. Separated from high temperature charcoal and smoke, but also effectively avoid the food caused by scorching carcinogenic substances. Third, aluminum foil forming is good, in the process of stamping tableware, even in the crease and curling parts, it will not produce cracks and fracture. Fourth, aluminum foil can completely block light, gas and other substances, to extend the degree of preservation and protection of water, to maintain the flavor and characteristics of food.