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Mingtai aluminum high quality battery soft aluminum foil

Soft battery aluminum foil has good safety performance, light weight, battery capacity, good cycle performance, small internal resistance, design flexibility and other multiple advantages. Increased penetration in the digital sector, increased use of new energy vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other high-demand areas of demand growth, energy storage areas ready to go four major factors, will become the soft battery market share rising power. With the downstream market pull, its market share is expected to exceed 50%.
In the digital field, with the consumer electronics products for the battery made of small size, thin, flexible features more and more obvious, soft package to replace the square aluminum shell speed continues to accelerate, Vico, Tian Jin and other traditional aluminum battery Enterprises are increasing the investment in the field of soft cloth layout. With the electronic products to the miniaturization, intelligent, wearable direction, requiring the battery should also have a small size, light, flexible features, and soft package polymer lithium battery with its excellent overall performance in smart phones, Tablet PCs, wearable equipment and other consumer electronics products widely used, and the growth rate far more than the average level of lithium battery industry.
Digital field replacement at the same time, the application of power battery is also accelerating, research found that, including Beiqi, Changan, Dongfeng and other domestic high-end new energy passenger cars have begun to use soft battery power battery. Soft battery in the energy density advantage is obvious, and the current single cell is also to large capacity, high rate of the direction of development, more in line with the requirements of the development of electric vehicles. With the accelerated replacement of aluminum-coated film and the large-scale production of flexible battery power pack, the cost advantage of flexible battery pack will gradually be highlighted, in this context, its market share in the power sector will be further increased.
Mingtai aluminum production 8021,8079 series of aluminum foil products, taking full account of the thermal conductivity of aluminum foil, conductive and mechanical strength on the basis of the use of special embryo material, clean dust in the plant environment, through Andritz plate roll use, Improve their quality as a battery pack. Mingtai 8021,8079 series of aluminum production has O state, HX2, HX4 these three states can be used for the manufacture of battery flexible foil.
Mingtai production of the battery soft foil performance characteristics:
A: strong mechanical properties, anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear resistance.
B: aluminum foil surface clean, uniform color, no creases, no color, smooth and clean face.
C: with moisture, airtight, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance, non-toxic and tasteless and so on.
D: After a number of tests, safety and health pollution.