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Marine aluminum is in the trend of shipbuilding industry

Aluminum is an advanced material for the construction of marine and marine engineering structural parts. The lightweight, strong mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys make it a preferred material for modern ships. Ships made of aluminum alloy have the advantages of high speed, long service life, high load capacity, and low maintenance cost.

China aluminum product with its world-leading industrial aluminum extrusion products and high-end aluminum calendered products, occupies a place in the shipbuilding industry. At present, aluminum alloy products are mainly used for hull floors, ribs, deck superstructures, fenders for fenders, windshield frames and superstructures for yachts and yachts, marine living areas and parts of marine oil rigs, and main structures for yacht terminals. .
Aluminum alloy application into the "fast lane"
Thanks to the continuous promotion of policies and the two-wheel drive driven by the market, the production and sales scale of China's new energy vehicles has seen rapid growth. By 2020, the sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach 2 million vehicles. In the face of broad market prospects, vehicle weight reduction has become an irreversible trend. New energy vehicles are lightweight and material applications are appropriate. According to industry insiders' forecasts, demand for aluminum in new energy vehicles will increase substantially, and aluminum alloy applications will usher in new ones. A round of vigorous development.
China International Aluminium Industry Exhibition to seize this opportunity to focus on the application of lightweight materials to help ease the mileage of new energy vehicles, improve transport capacity and driving experience, is the main lightweight way in the future, in-depth exploration of aluminum in new energy applications And the future development trend for companies to broaden their thinking and display cutting-edge technological achievements.