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Application advantages of mirror aluminum plate

Nowadays, the use of mirror aluminum plate is more and more widely, the mirror aluminum plate is chosen as the production material in many unexpected fields, such as cosmetic surface packaging, high quality gift box, mobile phones, computers, etc.Such an ordinary material is widely used in these fields because it has a great relationship with the excellent features of the mirror aluminum plate.

1,Economic and practical
No matter what field, no matter what kind of high-end product is produced in that area, when they choose the productive materials, they consider whether the raw materials are economical and practical. The cost price of raw materials is the primary consideration by the manufacturer, because the cost of raw materials determines the cost of the product, and the cost of the product determines the competitive strength of the product. In a commodity society, who has the advantage of price will have a market. Therefore, the economical and practical mirror aluminum plate has become the new favorite of industrial production.
2, Appearance processing characteristics
The material is pure, suitable for high requirements and stable anodized surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomization, chemical sand making, electric throwing, dyeing, sealing and so on.
3, Mirror characteristics
This mirror is generated by mechanical polishing processing, the appearance has no coating. Sandblasting, anode processing, without annealing anode or plating film, can be directly processed. Sand blasting rough granularity is up to 240#, without pretreatment, can be directly printed, stamping processing, and has high reflectivity.
4, High performance
The special properties of mirror aluminum plate are very suitable for industrial production, such as uniform hardness, suitable ramming, bending, stretching, hard cracking, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and so on, all of these properties are needed for industrial production. Therefore, these performances of the mirror aluminum plate become the value advantage for it. What’s more, with the high performance, it not only helps businesses improve the quality of their products,but also helps businesses reduce production costs. So it will be sought after by industrial production.
The above is the introduction of the excellent features of the mirror aluminum plate. As a new aluminum plate material, the mirror aluminum plate  has been widely used in the actual interior and exterior decoration, as well as the design of various electrical appliances.
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