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Performance and use of henan mingtai 8021 food aluminum foil

henan mingtai aluminum is a professional manufacturer and supplier of 8021 food aluminum foil with more than 20 years’ experience. Our main products include: various alloy of aluminum plate, strip, foil, color-coated aluminum coil, aluminum embossed sheet, diamond aluminum plate, aluminum foil . mingtai aluminum China can manufacture 8021 food aluminum foil with many alloy and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers` need.
8 series aluminum foil is one of the raw materials used in aluminum food packaging industry. 8 series aluminum foil has the characteristics of cleanness, sanitation, etc., in addition, the surface of aluminum foil has the effect of shining, it can be made into integrated packaging material together with many other packaging materials, and the printing effect of 8 series aluminum foil surface is better than other materials. Therefore, 8-series aluminum foil is widely used in the field of food packaging.
Performance and use of 8021 food aluminum foil
As one of the 8 series aluminum foil, 8021 food aluminum foil is a series of alloy products commonly used in food packaging aluminum foil. 8021 food aluminum foil surface is very clean, health, any bacteria or microorganisms can not grow on the surface, is a non-toxic packaging materials, it can be in direct contact with food and no harm to human health concerns.
In addition, 8021 aluminum foil is a kind of light-proof packaging material, which is a good packaging material for products that need to avoid sunlight. For example, aluminum foil packaging is commonly used in the packaging of margarine. In processing, 8021 food aluminum foil has very good plasticity, can be processed into a variety of shapes of products, but also arbitrary to create a variety of shapes container.
From the perspective of manufacturers, 8021 aluminum foil is mainly used in food packaging for kitchen cooking, food loading, or used to make some simple and clean materials, double sides can be wrapped food.