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Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil for Sale near Me

Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil for Sale

There are preferential large rolls of aluminum foil for sale ! We not only supply 0.007 to 0.2mm thick large aluminum foil rolls, but also 1-8 alloy series foil. Such as 0.03~0.2mm food container foil 3003, 8011 grade, and tape foil 1235 alloy, honeycomb foil, etc. Nowadays, our large rolls of aluminum foil for sale has widely practiced in food, pharmaceutical, building, industry, electronics, cosmetics, etc. And they sell well in South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil for Sale near Me

Our large rolls of aluminum foil for sale are available in various grades, temper, thickness, width, etc. The hot-selling are 3003-H24 aluminum foil rolls, 8011-O aluminum foil, 8079-O aluminum foil, 1235 grade household foil, etc. Let’s know them in detail !

3003-H24 Aluminum Foil Rolls
3003-H24 and 3003-H18 aluminum foil are common container foil. The H24 and H18 represent two different tempering states. So, 3003-H24 and 3003-H18 alu foil rolls are versatile material of lunch box, food packaging, and other various containers, etc. Most notably, the yield of lunch boxes made of 3003-H24 aluminum foil can reach more than 95% !
8011-O Grade Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil for Sale
8011-O aluminum foil roll is perfect material for food and pharmaceutical packaging. For example, 8011-O grade large roll is common aluminum blister foil, and used for tablet & capsule blister packing,etc. Here, our 8011 aluminum foil, including 8011-O and 8011-h18 pharma foil, is passed rigorous pinhole and water brush test. So It shows the A grade wettability, excellent air tightness, shading, corrosion resistance, stability, etc. It’s highly quantity guaranteed !

1235 Grade Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil for Sale
In addition, there also are 1235 grade large rolls of aluminum foil for sale. As we know, 1235 aluminum foil is not only household foil, but also the tape foil. Most proudly, our quality 1235 aluminum tape foil is very economic. So It is loved by the Korean and other international market ! Therefor, If you are looking for tape foil, then don’t hesitated to contact us Now ! Come on !

Preferential Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil for Sale

The price of aluminium foil jumbo roll is a hot topics. So here, not only a complete supply of aluminum foil products, but also very preferential price ! Here, we offer factory direct prices for global online purchasers. So the prices can be lower 30% than competitors ! Then, If you are interested in our products, now, just send an e-mail, or leave a online messages ! we will quickly provide a satisfactory price to you ! Come on !