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Aluminium Coil Manufacturers in China

Aluminium Coil Manufacturers in China Advantages

Aluminium coil manufacturers in china have fast delivery, good quality, preferential price, and sweet service, etc. Now, China aluminium coil manufacturers become the prefer choice of most online purchasers. So that we can get aluminum coil products for good value. In China, There are very large-scale aluminium coil manufacturers. So it’s easy to find 1-8 series aluminum alloy coils. And most proudly, the width of our Mingtai aluminum coil has been up to 2650mm. Mingtai Al. becomes one of the few manufacturers of wide aluminum sheet coil in China

Aluminum Alloy from Aluminium Coil Manufacturers in China

There are abundant aluminum coils available in various alloy grades, temper, types from aluminium coil manufacturers in china. In practice, for the different grade aluminum coil with different temper, is accordingly used in different fields. So, Let’s find the aluminum coil you need !

1100-H14 Aluminum Coil. 1100-H14 aluminum is the mature product of Mingtai aluminium coil manufacturer in china. H14 tempered 1100 aluminum has silvery white gloss, high ductility, machinability, plasticity, and excellent surface finish, etc.In practice, it is very economical for commercial aluminum. So 1100-H14 aluminum coil is widely used in construction, such as aluminum composite panel(ACP), aluminum busduct, as well as in CTP, industrial, signage, ceiling fans and other low-strength manufacturing. Besides, the 1100-H16 alloy coil is also common.
5052-H32 Aluminum Coil. 5052-H32 aluminum coil is hot selling in 5 series Al-Mg alloy. After work hardening and stability treatment, 5052 aluminum coil obtained a 1/4 hardness of H32 temper. Of course, It’s also typical anti-rust alloy. Therefore, 5052-H32 aluminum coil has excellent corrosion and weather resistance, high strength, rigidity, processability, formability, and out surface treatment effect.

Alloy Specification of Aluminium Coil Manufacturers in china

Mingtai Aluminum as one of top ten aluminium coil manufacturers in china, produce aluminum coil with complete grades, temper, specifications, surface patterns, etc. The specific technical parameters as following.
Alloy Series Typical Grades Material Temper Thickness Width Length
1 Seires 1100, 1060, 1050 O, H14, H1*, H2*, H3*, H114, H11*, F, etc 0.2-8mm 100-2650mm Customized
3 Seires 3003, 3004, 3105 0.14-8mm
5 Seires 5005, 5052, 5754, 5086 0.2-8mm
6 Seires 6061, 6082, 6063 0.2-8mm