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5454 Aluminum Plate Suppliers Supply 5454-O 5454-H32 Alloy

5454 Aluminum Plate Suppliers

5454 aluminum plate suppliers supply 5454-O aluminum plate and 5454-H32 aluminum plate. For the “O” and “H32”, are two different tempering ways. In general, 5454-O aluminum is softer than 5454-H32 aluminum. But they all can be well used for tank truck trailer manufacturing. Additionally, 5454 aluminum plate is also a perfect material of auto parts, boat's deck, weldments, various vehicles’ body and so on. Therefore, the practical 5454 aluminum alloy’s become star product of 5454 aluminum plate suppliers. Now, Let’s know its specific application in depth !

5454 Aluminum Plate Suppliers Supply 5454-O and 5454-H32 Alloy

Among the numerous 5454 aluminum plate suppliers in the market, There is a case of Mingtai 5454 aluminum plate successfully implemented in Mexican tank truck ! This customer is a Mexican tank truck manufacturer who has purchased our products locally and contacted us through the network. After sending samples, testing samples, customer assessment, professional business introduction and follow-up, this customer assured Mingtai 5454 aluminum plate supplier the order of 50 tons 5454 alu plate ! The specific demand includes 5454-O alloy, 6.35*2250*2250, 10 tons; 5454-H32 alloy, 6.35*1830*6700, 35 tons; 5454-H32 6.35*762*6700, 5 tons; total is 50 tons.

Among them, 5454-O aluminum plate is O tempered 5454 aluminum plate. For the “O” is one of the softest states in an alu alloy. So, the soft 5454-O aluminum plate can well meet the bending requirements of the tank lids of head and tail. Besides, the 5454-O Alloy also has excellent processability, formability, weldability, corrosion resistance, etc.
For the 5454-H32 aluminum plate, is H32 tempered 5454 aluminum plate. So it exhibits higher strength, toughness, and outstanding surface treatment effect, corrosion and weather resistance, no low temperature brittleness, etc. It’s a perfect material of tank truck body. The common thickness are 5mm/ 6mm/ 7mm/ 8mm. Sometimes, 5454-H111 grade alloy is also suitable.

Mingtai 5454 Aluminum Plate Supplier Offers Preferential Price

Most notably, Mingtai Aluminum is not only one of the 5454 aluminum plate suppliers, but also a large manufacture in China. So the price of Mingtai 5454 aluminum plate is very preferential ! Because it’s factory direct price, so it can be lower 30% than competitors ! Of course, there are abundant 5454 aluminum plates available in temper, thickness, width, surface patterns for your choice. And we also supply 5454 aluminum coil and customize production for you ! So here, if you have any demands, just send an e-mail, or leave a online messages to tell us, we will quickly provide a satisfactory solution and price for you ! Come on !