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5mm Aluminum Plate 1060 3003 5083 6063 Alloy Plate

5mm Aluminum Plate for Sale

5mm aluminum plate is common material in the industrial, commercial, marine, manufacture, and other fields. 5mm thick aluminum plate has moderate thickness. So, it shows a certain degree of hardness, strength, load-bearing, but doesn’t affect its good bending, plasticity, machinability, weldability and other adv.  Of course, there are abundant 5mm aluminum plates available in alloy grades, types, spec.,etc. So that it’s able to achieve the maximum value. Let’s see !

5mm Aluminum Plate 1060 3003 5083 6063 Alloy Plate

5mm Aluminum Plate 1060 Alloy
1060 aluminum alloy plate contains up to 99.6% Al. So 1060 grade 5mm aluminum plate has highly ductility, excellent workability, formability, thermal and electrical conductivity, etc. In practice, 5mm thick 1060 aluminum plate is a very commercial alloy in industrial and commercial fields. For example, It’s widely used for aluminum busduct, aluminum composite panel (ACP), CTP, building curtain wall, signage, tread plate, heat exchangers, fan blades, reflectors, etc.

5083 Marine Grade 5mm Aluminum Plate
5mm aluminum plate is very common in marine application. The typical alloys are marine 5083 aluminum plate, 5086, 5052, 5754, 6061 aluminum plate, etc. 5mm thick 5083 marine aluminum has highly strength, durability, although light specific graity. Additionally, It also exhibits excellent corrosion and weather resistance, weldability, formability, no low temperature brittleness, etc. Therefore, 5083 marine grade 5mm aluminum plate is widely used for boat’s two-sides/ bottom/ floor/ seat, and other welding structures.

5mm Aluminum Plate Supplier - Mingtai Aluminum

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