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Aluminum Coil Prices in Qatar from Suppliers and Factory

Aluminum Coil Supplier with Preferential Prices in Qatar

We are a large aluminum coil supplier with the best price in quatar. Our aluminium coils cover 1-8 alloy series. Such as 8011 aluminum roll coil, 1100-H14 aluminum coil, 5052, 3003 aluminum coil, etc. And our aluminum coil prices in qatar are very professional!For our price of qatar 8011 aluminum roll is about 2600 USD/MT, and 3003 aluminum coil price is about 2300 USD/MT, etc. Of course, they are reference prices, due to different thickness, spec., and other demands. Next, Let’s look at aluminum coil prices in qatar.

Aluminum Coil Prices in Qatar

1100-H14 Aluminum Coil Prices in Qatar

1100-H14 aluminum coil in qatar is hot-selling product. It's also economic and practice!The H14 tempered 1100 aluminum coil shows sliver shining, mill fish, as well as excellent ductility, workability, electrical and thermal conductivity, etc. So, industrial and commercial 1100-H14 aluminum coil is widely used for ACP, CTP, aluminum tray, sign, nameplate, etc. Here, the 1100 series aluminum coil prices in qatar are more cost-effective than other alloy series.

8011 Aluminum Coil Prices in Qatar

Our 8011 aluminum coil prices in qatar are very competitive. According to the thickness, 8011 aluminum coil is divided into 8011 aluminum foil roll with 0.007-0.2mm. And the thinner the thickness, the more expensive the aluminum coil prices in qatar. Additionally, Mingtai Aluminum as a large supplier, can supply abundant light gauge foils of 0.007-0.014mm thickness. Nowadays, 8011 aluminum coil in qatar has been widely used for bottle cap of PP/ ROPP/ screw, and pharmaceutical packaging, food container, household foil, etc.

Get Mingtai Aluminum Coil Prices in Qatar

As you know, aluminum coil prices in qatar also affected by alloy grades, thickness, width, quantity and other factors. So, we need to inquire with professional manufacturers. I though here maybe is a right place for you. Our Mingtai Aluminum is not only a supplier, but also a large manufacturer. So Mingtai aluminum coil prices in qatar are factory direct price. The prices are more preferential ! If you are looking aluminum coil products, then don’t hesitated to contact us now ! Tell us your needs, we will quickly offer the best price to you ! Come on !