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2500mm 2600mm width aluminum coil alloy 6061 factory from China

6000 series aluminum alloy are always one of the most favored product in the market, of which 6061 aluminum coil is the most popular.
2500mm 2600mm width aluminum coil alloy 6061 the main alloying elements in aluminum coil are magnesium and silicon, with medium strength. Also, it can be processed into varieties of tempers, such as O, T4, T6, T61, T651, etc. Among them, T4 and T6 are the most common ones for their good machanicability and weldability. T61, T6, and T651 are the common state of 6061 aluminum coils. The T651 alloy stretched on the basis of the T6 state, which is more suitable for forming after the elimination of internal stress.
In addition, we brought in the advanced equipment, which enable the production of aluminum coil with up to 2500 mm or 2600mm max and 0.2mm min to meet your requirements.
Mingtai aluminum was founded in 1997. and At present, it has become a well-known brand of private aluminum processing in China, a top ten enterprise in China aluminum foil and foil, and a top 500 manufacturing enterprise in China. Therefore, we can give you the best guarantee of product quality.